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PUTTING is considered by many to be the most challenging part of the difficult game of golf.  Putting requires exact control over both the direction and distance of the golf ball; there is little room for error.  It requires a very precise stroke of the putter:  one that is firm, but not too strong; one that is delicate and accurate, but not too weak; one that accelerates through the ball at the proper speed and rate of acceleration; and, one that stays "On Line" through the ball strike and intended direction. 

Approximately one-third of all strokes made in a golf round occur with a putter.  The Pacemaker will enable you to consistently produce the proper techniques required to reduce the number of putts throughout a round. 


*IMPROVES PACE - The force in which you "roll" the ball to the hole.
*MUSCLE MEMORY - Showing you the feel of a proper stroke.
*SET-UP & ALIGNMENT - The Pacemaker will give you the "feedback" that produces proper set-up and alignment.
*ROLL - The patented Pacemaker technology ensures proper follow-thru increasing the chance of proper "roll."
*EASE & STROKE - The ease of use, allows you to stroke your balls in many different locations.
*MISC. - Just try it!  I guarantee it won't hurt your game! Thanks, Mike.




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